Texas: A Historical Atlas

Texas: A Historical Atlas
By A. Ray Stephens, with cartography by Carol Zuber-Mallison
University of Oklahoma Press
(List price $39.95, 448 pages)

Anyone who craves a solid understanding of modern Texas should read this beautiful, well-produced coffee table book.

It is an extensive update and revision of the popular Historical Atlas of Texas, which stood as a key Texas reference for more than two decades.

This 448-page edition from the University of Oklahoma Press contains 175 color maps, more than 80 black-and-white and color photographs and numerous charts.

The focus of the essays and illustrations ranges from the earliest settlers and cattle trails to 21st-century industries and population trends. The book also addresses such subjects as the Texas Declaration of Independence, slavery, the Civil War, Reconstruction, the development of early roads, border disputes and other issues.

Texas: A Historical Atlas is a handy – and hefty – guide to a complex, diverse state with a rich history and an economic output that exceeds that of many nations.

The author is director of the Texas History Institute and a retired history professor at the University of North Texas. The cartographer is a cartographer for the Texas Almanac, and she is a former editor and artist for the Dallas Morning News and Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

Their book is both a handy and detailed reference and a comprehensive introduction to the Lone Star State.

Si Dunn


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