Going beyond spreadsheets with R and RStudio – #bookreview

Beyond Spreadsheets with R

A beginner’s guide to R and RStudio
Jonathan Carroll
Manning Books

Jonathan Carroll’s Beyond Spreadsheets with R gives R beginners good introductions to both the R statistical computing environment and RStudio, a popular integrated development environment (IDE) for R.

Some newcomers to R and RStudio, however, may wish this book focused right away on how to download and run both packages, instead of spending the first few pages justifying and explaining R and RStudio. After that slow start, however, the author offers well-structured, approachable, and helpful chapters on how to use the packages.

If you already know how to work with R and RStudio but run them infrequently and can’t remember some of the commands or procedures, Beyond Spreadsheets with R can be a useful refresher and reference guide, as well.



‘The Book Artist’ is Mark Pryor’s eighth Hugo Marston mystery – #bookreview

The Book Artist,” the eighth book in Mark Pryor’s Hugo Marston mystery series, is entertaining, absorbing–and paced a bit slower than some detective/police procedurals. That’s because it offers readers a nice mixture of Paris atmosphere and American diplomats and others living, working and partying in Paris.

The novel’s law-enforcement angles also require some slower pacing. The main character, Hugo Marston, chief of the security for the U.S. Embassy in Paris, must work within a narrow legal framework (that he sometimes oversteps) while interacting with Paris police and other French agencies.

In “The Book Artist,” a sculptor is murdered, and French police arrest an American suspect who has close connections to Hugo. He is convinced she isn’t the killer. But her DNA has been found on the victim’s body, and the Paris police say they have other evidence that can bring a murder conviction.

Marston must unmask the real killer before his American friend disappears into the French legal system’s labyrinth.

The Book Artist

Mark Pryor

Seventh Street Books