Going for It–with Go

Mastering Go, 3rd Edition Mihalis Tsoukalous Packt Publishing, 978-180107-931-0 By Si Dunn To be honest, I’m not a great software developer. Actually, I retired from software development and software technical writing back in 2009, when the languages du jour–at least where I worked–were assembler and C, with a smattering of Erlang, and a relational database … Continue reading Going for It–with Go

New from Jimmy Santiago Baca: ‘no enemies’ Celebrates ‘Ordinary’ Lives, Nature, and Those Who Speak Truth to Wealth and Power

NO ENEMIES: POEMS Jimmy Santiago Baca Arte Público Press ISBN: 978-1-55885-927-2 Many people shy away from reading poetry, out of fear they won’t understand the imagery and rhythms squeezed into the verses and phrases. Jimmy Santiago Baca’s poems are both clear and powerful. His new collection, no enemies, takes on most of the key issues … Continue reading New from Jimmy Santiago Baca: ‘no enemies’ Celebrates ‘Ordinary’ Lives, Nature, and Those Who Speak Truth to Wealth and Power

Review Update: ‘Greenlights’ by Matthew McConaughey

Back in October, 2020, I mentioned Academy Award-winning actor Matthew McConaughey’s memoir that celebrates his 50 years on Planet Earth, his quests for Hollywood success, his family, and the life lessons he has learned along the way. I wondered then if I would be able to get a review copy and write about it here … Continue reading Review Update: ‘Greenlights’ by Matthew McConaughey

East of Texas, West of Hell

Rod Davis’s New Addition to his ‘Jack Prine’ Private Investigator Series Offers Plenty of Action, Gunplay, and Southern Geography Labels can be attached to this new novel, the second book in Rod Davis’s “Jack Prine” private investigator series. For example, you might call it “Southern noir” or perhaps “grit lit.” Whatever. I call it “good … Continue reading East of Texas, West of Hell

The History of a ‘Scandalous and Violent’ Texas Railroad

The Texas Railroad The Scandalous and Violent History of the International and Great Northern Railroad, 1866-1925 Wayne Cline (For book information, click here.) The Texas Railroad tells the fascinating story of a railroad enterprise that originally intended to create the world’s longest rail line, from Houston, Texas, to the Canadian border. But it couldn’t get … Continue reading The History of a ‘Scandalous and Violent’ Texas Railroad

‘Steaming’: A Vietnam-Era Navy Novel

Steaming: A Sea Story Mark David Albertson Lulu Texas writer Mark David Albertson’s new novel, Steaming: A Sea Story, is an entertaining tale of naval service in the Western Pacific (Westpac) and South China Sea and naval action near the coasts of Vietnam and Cambodia in the last days of the Vietnam War. This book … Continue reading ‘Steaming’: A Vietnam-Era Navy Novel

Matthew McConaughey’s New ‘Greenlights’ Autobiography

Matthew McConaughey’s autobiography Greenlights is due to be released Oct. 20, 2020, by Crown Publishing. I doubt I’ll be receiving a copy to review in this backwater book blog. But the Sunday (Oct. 18, 2020) New York Times has published an enticing spread in its Culture section focusing on McConaughey and his new book. Greenlights … Continue reading Matthew McConaughey’s New ‘Greenlights’ Autobiography

Node.js Design Patterns

Design and implement production-grade Node.js applications using proven patterns and techniques, 3rd Edition Mario Casciaro and Luciano Mammino Packt Publishing Node.js often is thought of simply as a small but helpful tool for working with JavaScript code while developing applications. The two writers of (paid link) Node.js Design Patterns, 3rd Edition, however, show that Node.js … Continue reading Node.js Design Patterns

Enraged about Bob Woodward’s ‘Rage’?

Yes, when it comes to Bob Woodward’s Rage, (paid link) there are matters to be mad about, such as why didn’t Woodward let us know what he knew regarding Trump downplaying COVID-19’s dangers when he first knew it? And there are basic questions to be asked, such as: why has Woodward’s book been timed for … Continue reading Enraged about Bob Woodward’s ‘Rage’?

Just One of the Ways Political Crime Pays?

Guess which book, as yet unreleased, is pre-selling at #1 in Amazon’s “Corruption & Misconduct in Politics” category?  P.S., I possibly may earn a few helpful cents as an Amazon affiliate bookseller if you follow this link to the book. But only if you actually buy it or something else. Otherwise, bupkis. No soup for … Continue reading Just One of the Ways Political Crime Pays?