Cool Tools in the Kitchen – #cooking #kitchen #bookreview

Cool Tools in the Kitchen
By Kevin Kelly and Steven Leckart
(O’Reilly Media, available in EPUB format only, $2.99)

In most kitchens, “cool tools” can be anything from an apple slicer to a dough scraper to a cook book.

Cool Tools in the Kitchen focuses on a nice array of kitchen accessories that have been tested and found to be useful at home for experienced cooks, as well as those who want to re-think and improve their culinary equipment.

The book also should appeal to readers who are just getting started at cooking and want to set up an efficient and functional kitchen.

I am not much of a cook, but I found several items in this book that made me think I could become a better cook if I owned them.

My wife, a very experienced cook and aficionado of many things Julia Child, also read at this book, and frequently nodded in approval at the authors’ choices. She already has a nice selection of good kitchen tools. But she, too, ended up with a kitchen tools shopping list after considering this book’s product reviews.

Bon appétit!


Si Dunn‘s latest book is a detective novel, Erwin’s Law. His other published works include Jump, a novella, and a book of poetry, plus several short stories, including The 7th Mars Cavalry, all available on Kindle. He is a screenwriter, a freelance book reviewer, and a former technical writer and software/hardware QA test specialist.


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